New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log - 2006

Construction Notes - September 2006

With the yard modules constructed, I have started to lay down the cork. Also, I have designed the walkway ramp for the station, which goes from the upper to the lower tracks. I used project board covered with random stone styrene sheets. After painting I will take a picture of it in place. Another project is the bridge on module D, it is a Walthers double track through truss. I hope the curved turnout fits!
Trackside Structures
Switchman Shanties
Atlas Switch Tower
With a cash crunch this year, I have concentrated on building up the existing kits. I got three reefers together as well as some shanties and switch towers. I need to finish the old Woodland Scenic's Stations. I have one complete painted, with the other four needing window cross-braces. In addition, I haven't decided on the flooring material, yet.

Construction Notes - June 2006

All the yard modules are framed and the homasote cut and secured. I have drawn the track lines as guides to glue on the cork subbed. I have made some changes to the branch station. I lowered the track 1/2 inch on modules D, E, and F. I decided to use a big Kibri station kit, which I have had for years. In order for it to fit, I will need to move the yard entrance from the tunnel entrance to after the station at the module D and E border. The XTrkCad diagram shows the new change. Some steps will need to be built up to the mainline passenger platforms.

Construction Notes - April 2006

The yard modules have been the focus of construction, whenever the the weather temperature was comfortable. The only hiccup was that one of the homasote boards was thicker than the others. I only had to adjust the end of one module, "A". Any other imperfections will be taken care of when I lay down the cork sheet.
I decided to make Module "A1" a standard 2x3 size, this allows me to move the turntable away from the edges. I was worried about the tracks to the turntable being too short and causing problems. The consequences of this change will impact the aisle space along modules "O", "P" and "Q" by six inches.
I am now adding the edge boards and interconnection bolts to the modules, and building the support platforms. Some of these will need special changes for the "A" modules. Before laying the track, I will install the power distribution network ( the terminal strips and buss wires.