New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - Sep 10, 2012
First view of layout from bottom of stairs. Williams port Yard is front and center.
First View
Dispatchers Desk.
Dispatcher Desk
Overhead view of Williamsport Yard. The dispatchers desk is to the right. The yardmaster would be in the aisle to the left with the hostler operating the throttle from the right side.
Williamsport Yard
The reverse view of Williamsport Yard looking back to the station (missing).
Williamsport Station
The switchbacks with Kiel Manufacturing, makers of chairs for the railroads. Also here is O'Haras Coal, Lumber and Feed.
The Register station at Xina Pass with James Crest above.
Xina Pass siding
Michelle Tunnel entrance from Xina Pass with view of Quilly Mine #2 above. Straight ahead is the Quilly Mine #1 lead with Becs Bend to the right. Barely visible in the upper right is Stans Knob.
Michelle Tunnel
The Quilly Mine #1 below Becs Bend.
Quilly Mine #1
Stans Knob, the first resort (Resort #2) for those not wealthy enough to afford the resort at the end of the branch.
Stans Knob
I have finished Mine No2, however there are no bluepoints installed yet.
We have operated three times in the year, and I have added new operational enhancements each time. First session, I added the register at Xina Pass, turned on the fast clock, and ran some of the morning trains in sequence. Not too bad, most folks forgot about the Register, but the yard was busy and got things sorted.
The second session I had a Dispatcher and insisted on the Register being filled out at Xina Pass. I added flagmen to the to crews (forgotten men!) and we OSed at stations. Ran the mid afternoon schedules. The Dispatcher did pretty good without much instructions.
The third session, I added printed timetables and another fast clock display. The Dispatcher was better equipped and added clearances to the mix. The yard crew was hampered because I didn't stage the cars in the yard very well. We even ran a passenger train!