New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - Nov 9, 2011
Mine No1 in the holler next to Bec's Bend. Way above to the right is Resort No2 on Stan's Knob. The tipple will be in the middle with the coke ovens on the last track.
Quilly Mine No1
Resort No2 on Stan's Knob. The resort will be in the back corner from the viewer. I'm thinking I will only model the station platform.
Resort #2
The Resort No2 / Branchline to Resort No1 switch.
The resorts switches
The reverse view from Resort No2 overlooking Quilly Mine No1.
Resort overlooking the mine
The next construction goal Quilly Mine No2.
Mine No2 next
The new siding at Xina Pass.
Xina Pass siding
The new car card boxes for the yard.
Yard car card boxes
Branchline is extended to Resort No2. The current end-point for awhile until I finish Mine No2.
Mine No1 is fully tracked and only one BluePoint needs installed for the house track. There will be two tracks under the tipple for car loading. The third track in back will supply the coke ovens..
My dad and I have added car card boxes which only need labels. I decided to use single move waybills with destination/shipper info. The car identification is on the clear plastic car-cards.
Had an impromptu operating session on Nov 11 with brother-in-law and two nephews! They enjoyed it in spite of the dirty track and balky engines.
Construction Notes - June 9, 2011
Looking from the west end of the yard and enginehouse towards the station
Between Enginehouse and the Station
Looking from the east end of the yard and the station towards enginehouse
Between Station and the Enginehouse
The last module (Module Z1). This is the main branchline up to resort No2. Resort No1 will be behind the viewers position.
very last module
Branchline is extended to almost the Resort No2 / Branchline to Resort No1 switch (module Z).
I have painted the yard with a very dark brown until I can get to scenery.
We have started limited operations! It is just task operating - take cars on yard track to mine and exchange same cars. Nothing complicated, unless the dispatcher just made up a task on the spur of the moment.