New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - July 9, 2014
Stans Knob moved across the doorway
Initial move of Stans Knob
Looking at Stans Knob entrance. The switches were moved about 3 feet.
Stans Knob Switch Move
The doorway view of Stans Knob. Just a nod under for most people.
Stans Knob doorway
Stans Knob ready for OPs.
Stans Knob ready
Major reconstruction work at Stans Knob! The last operating session found 4 people trying to work around Stans Knob and Becs Bend/Quilly Mine #1. The solution was to cut Stans Knob almost in half and move it to the other side of the doorway.
Construction Notes - Feb 13, 2014
Dispatchers Desk. With a view of the string diagram
Dispatcher Desk
Overhead view of Still Look. Xina Pass is to the right. The length of a train has been increased by one car with the switch replacement.
Still Look Switch Change
The ground view of Xina Pass looking up to the tunnel.
Xina Pass at ground level
The Tunnel south of James Crest.
James Crest tunnel south
Very little construction work proceeded because of the concentration on improving operations.
I have replaced all but two Tortoise machines with bluepoints in the switchbacks. The Tortoise machines will be re-purposed for Train Order signals.
The switch at Still Look was replaced to allow one extra car per train. This need was exposed when the yardmaster started to build the Jack Frost train at the January Op Session.
The other major change was the attempt at adding scenery to the Williams port Yard! I figured it would be the best location to start as all the cars in the yard would hide the mistakes.