New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - December 31, 2008
Looking from the west end of the yard and enginehouse towards the station
West yard to station
Looking at the yard
Looking from the east end of the yard
East yard to station
Looking from the yard towards the station
Another view of the station
station view
Looking from the north end of the switchbacks toward the station
switchbacks to station
Looking at the north end of the switchbacks
north switchbacks
Looking at the switchbacks
Looking at the south end of the switchbacks
south switchbacks
Looking at Hucks Pass towards the north
hucks pass
More benchwork has been added - now through module F. The yard interchange tracks are installed and the mainline extends from east staging (lower level of module F to module A2 (3 feet beyond interchange).
Branchline is installed from Hucks Pass (module F) into the yard interchange tracks.
Construction Notes - April 18, 2008
Looking from the yard towards the station
Yard to station
Looking from the yard towards the resort modules K-N
Modules K to N
Looking from the resot modules over the switchbacks
Resort towards switchbacks
Looking at the yard fron the turntable
Yard from turntable end
Looking at the yard tracks
Yard tracks
Looking at the switchback modules
The switchbacks
Looking at the station modules
Station modules
Looking at the station and freighthouse corner
station and freighthouse corner
Underneath the layout
Underneath the layout
Reverse look at the switchbacks
Reverse look at the switchbacks
Looking from the switchbacks towards the resort mountain
Switchbacks towards resort mountain
Looking at the station from the side
Side view of station
Looking at the yard from the station
Yard reverse look
As all the modules with existing track has been rewired and are operational (some turnouts need adjusting), I have bolted all the modules from A-N together. The optional modules S1 and S2 also have been built and legs have been built. I have all the track and switch templates located, waiting for wire to be run. Added pics to construction page. Started building switches using FastTracks products.
After locating all the switch templates and drilling wire acess holes, I moved a few in the yard areas. One area is the yard entrance from the right - I used the curved turnouts and almost doubled the yard track lengths. Another location is the switch to the storage modules, where I moved the switch back to right and allows a better entrance to the engine facilities. I had to relocate the coal tresle and the turntable entry-exit tracks to make room for everything. I guess the storage tracks are no longer optional.
As the saying goes "The least accessible track wil give you the most problems"! The staging track is doing that in droves! I decided to use removeable track sections in the areas where the staging track is most inaccessible (tunnel of modules F-G-H and under the resort modules L-M-N-O). I used some old 10Base2 cable I had lying araound as guides. Works quite well as the flex track snaps right in. It has helped some but I still have some problems. At least that track is only for trains in-out of staging, and is not critical to getting the layout running. Also I have decided to use the bluepoint switch machines for the yard area as I need access from both sides of the yards.
Construction Notes - February 22, 2008
Construction of Yard-Entrance and Station Location
Construction of Yard and Turntable Location
I have gotten all the constructed modules(A-M) downstairs. I have rewired almost all the modules, those with existing track. Modules F-K have been connected and are effectively operational (I still need to connect fascia switches to the turnouts). I have all the track and switch templates located, waiting for wire to be run. My plan is to have modules A-E, L-O wired and ready for track and switches by the end of next month. Then I can work on purchasing the FastTracks switch components, Tortoise motors, flextrack, etc.
The track connections between modules concerned me, until I decided to just use rail joiners. I removed the molded-on spikes on the last tie, which allows the rail joiner to slide on until I get the modules bolted together. The rail joiners keep the rail in-line even on weird angles. While wiring all the power switches and taillight bulbs, I have the inclination to install these into the fascia. I haven't decided what I will do, but I also may just move the switch, which would be more convenient