New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - May 9, 2010
Looking from the west end of the yard and enginehouse towards the station
Between Enginehouse and the Station
Looking down on James crest (the middle layer) and Xina Pass (formely know as Hucks Pass) below
James Crest
Looking at the Xina Pass/James Crest module.
Xina Pass
Showing the completed passing siding installed at both locations
passing sidings
Looking back from Hucks Pass over the tunnel toward Mine No1, showing the newly track
new track over the Tunnel
The entrance to Mine No1 at the bottom and the Mine No 2 lead at the next to top layer. In between are all the grades!
tracks and grades
The switches for the Becs Bend switchback. The Mine No1 lead with a switch ready to install
Mine 1
The last module built (Module Z). The lowest level indicates the mine No1 tarcks. Becs Bend switchback is the next level up. Then the big jump up to the entrance for Mine No2 and the highest level is the main branchline up to resort No2. Resort No1 will at the viewers position.
last module
Branchline is extended to almost the Mine No2 switch (module W).
We have started limited operations! It is just task operating - take cars on yard track to mine and exchange same cars. Nothing complicated, unless the dispatcher just made up a task on the spur of the moment.