New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - July 6, 2015
Williamsport extension
The town of Williamsport
The liftout section across the doorway.
Utilities access liftout
The corner module.
The corner
Major reconstruction work at Williamsport! The addition of First Class Express Passenger cars added a dilemma for the crews at the station. How to get the local and express cars. The solution is to finally add the town extension to the layout. There is a liftout section across the door to the furnace and water heater room. I will likely just remove the door. The corner module sits on a shelf base. The shelf is intended to be used for the layout computer and books.
Construction Notes - June 26, 2015
The entire car inventory in the yard! Just after cleaning and replacing couplers.
The entire fleet
The new siding at James Crest.
James Crest Siding
The ground view of Xina Pass looking up to the tunnel.
Xina Pass at ground level
After the home remodelling I was able to clean the entire inventory of cars and engines. Changed couplers on the manufacturer original cars to Kadee. Also finally added the siding at James Crest.