New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log - 2007

Construction Notes - March 2007

Although the weather has been too cold to work on the new yard modules, I have decided to invest in the FastTrack turnout materials for making all my turnouts. (Haven't decided on the status of the existing turnouts.) The discussion on the LDSIG yahoo group and my own calculations, made the decision simple. So that will be the next major purchase. Also, I plan to use the PC board ties for the module intersections. This should mitigate my problems of the rails losing gauge, where ever I made the cuts.

Construction Notes - September 2006

With the yard modules constructed, I have started to lay down the cork. Also, I have designed the walkway ramp for the station, which goes from the upper to the lower tracks. I used project board covered with random stone styrene sheets. After painting I will take a picture of it in place. Another project is the bridge on module D, it is a Walthers double track through truss. I hope the curved turnout fits!
Trackside Structures
Switchman Shanties
Atlas Switch Tower
With a cash crunch this year, I have concentrated on building up the existing kits. I got three reefers together as well as some shanties and switch towers. I need to finish the old Woodland Scenic's Stations. I have one complete painted, with the other four needing window cross-braces. In addition, I haven't decided on the flooring material, yet.