New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - June 8, 2013
The Dispatchers Desk new location. The yardmaster controls the yard operations from the platform to the right.
Dispatcher Desk new location
Overhead view of Williamsport Yard. The dispatchers desk is beyond. The yardmaster would be on the platform to the left with the hostler operating the throttle from the right side or in the pit.
Williamsport Yard
Michelle Tunnel entrance from Xina Pass with view of Quilly Mine #2 above. Straight ahead is the Quilly Mine #1 lead with Becs Bend to the right. Across the aisle to right is the Williamsport Roundhouse (future). All the tunnel portals are visible from here.
Michelle Tunnel
Still no bluepoints installed yet at Mine #2.
The first operating session of the year added two extra trains. I hand printed Clearance Forms and the Run Extra forms.
We ran the schedule starting at 3 PM, three trains on the road (two at Xina Pass). The yard crew had to switch the local when it arrived to the consist for the express. Also they had to get the extras and regulars out of the yard.
The Dispatcher was issuing Clearance forms and Run Extra orders. All the engines and current roster of cars were needed!
The Dispatcher and crews grade out above average. After the session I decided to swap the locations of the yardmaster and yard helper. The yardmaster is now next to the Dispatcher and the yard helper is in the pit, where the action is. This should allow the yardmaster to do some classification work when the yard helper is busy at the station or industries.
Construction Notes - Jul 29, 2013
First scenery effort. Williams port Yard center.
First Scenery attempt