New York and Eastern Rail Road

Construction Log

Construction Notes - August 12, 2017
Overview of Williamsport Industry extension. Brewery, Bicycle Factory, Hardware store?, Team track and coach yard.
Williamsport Industry Extension
Operations Signage.
Operations Signage
Operations Signage, Dispatcher Information
Operations Signage, dispatcher info
Operations Signage, Dispatcher desk.
Operations Signage, Dispatch desk
Operations Signage, Session Train Lineup
Operations Signage, Session Train Lineup
Operations Signage, Road Crew.
Operations Signage, Road Crew
The Williamsport extension is in operation. And I added more operator signage around the layout. There is station track layout, work instructions, timetable segments.
Construction Notes - April 25, 2017
Williamsport Industry. Track laid
Williamsport Industry
Michelle Cove mine extension.
Michelle Cove Switch
Michelle Cove mine extension behind James Crest switback.
Michelle Cove extension
Michelle cove mine tipple location.
Michelle Cove Mine Tipple
The Williamsport industry expansion track and switches were installed.
I decided to remodel the James Crest/Michelle Cove area.
Michelle Cove siding will now be a switchback into a mine. This will finally kill the idea of making the top of the corner as an operating High Crust branch end. I decided that High Crust, when installed will be located in the utility room (behind the Stans Knob entrance.